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Tango Argentino Amsterdam

Studio and salon:

Tango Argentino – Arjan & Marianne

Plantage Muidergracht 155

1018 TT Amsterdam

Tel: 020 695 54 48



Tango Argentino Amsterdam

Arjan & Marianne

Opera 79

1507 VH Zaandam

Company Data:

VAT number: NL 8135.58.955. B01

Chamber of Commerce: 34370926

Registered trade names:

Tango Argentino Amsterdam

Tango Amsterdam

Tango Argentino – Arjan & Marianne

Tango salon De Plantage


Tango Argentino Amsterdam

Aquarels, drawings and oil pastels:

© Marianne van Berlo


Tango Argentino Amsterdam,

unless otherwise stated

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Tango Argentino Amsterdam

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Huib Swets (technical support)

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